Security Mi7

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Security Mi7 is a streamlined security and compliance management solution that consolidates security responsibilities onto the Cloud Console hosted on the IBM Cloud. Mi7 presents users with a single pane of glass for easy centralized management across multiple systems so that partners and customers can work together in real-time to solve security issues without the hassle of authentication and access delays at the system level.

Security Monitoring

  • System Values
  • Network Attributes
  • User Profiles
  • Object Authorities (including the IFS)
  • Adopted Program Authorities
  • Non-Compliance

Exit Point Monitoring

Security Mi7 alerts on suspicious access from external users. Mi7 also provides on-demand audit reports of external user access and activity.

Compliance Reporting

Mi7 allows you to define multiple security policies which can automatically deliver compliance reports on a scheduled basis to different audiences including management, internal & external auditors, and IBM network & security specialists.

Why choose Mi7


Easy & reliable security solution

Mi7 is an easy and reliable security solution for monitoring and reporting on IBM i systems at one or more locations.


Cloud -based graphical interface

Mi7 provides a cloud-based graphical interface accessible from all devices, built on the same proven innovative technology used for Mi8 system monitoring platform.


Stremalined security & compliance management

Mi7 enables customers and partners to collaborate on security events in real-time to ensure that systems are correctly secured.

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