Electronic Invoicing

E-invoicing is becoming increasingly important and legally binding in many countries. Our consultants are highly experienced professionals and will provide effective insights and solutions on how to automate your invoicing process.

Benefits of Electronic Invoicing at a glance

Faster Processing

Reduce hours and errors. Eliminate data entry and the costly and time-consuming mistakes common to manual invoice processing. With electronic invoicing, suppliers typically submit PDF invoices.

Reduced Operating Cost

Automating the receipt, extraction and validation of invoice information eliminates the manual keying and paper handling that drives up the costs of most accounts payable departments.

Increased Visibility and Controls

Electronic invoicing systems provide access to real-time data necessary to control cash flow. Automated solutions offer reporting from specific transactions to big-picture overviews. Managers can see at a glance which invoices have been paid, which are overdue, and what is causing any delays.

Reduce Paper

Electronic invoicing represents cost savings for the receiving company and trading partners or suppliers. By going paperless, organizations will also reduce their carbon footprint, a point that integrates well into green initiatives popular with consumers.

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