Rocket API

Integrate existing applications into new web and mobile experiences

Rocket API helps organizations deliver intuitive web and mobile applications by making it easy to transform rigid, green-screen based workflows into outstanding user experiences. With Rocket API, you can enable real-time access to critical business functions from virtually any application at a fraction of the time, expense, or risk normally associated with modernization projects.

Create APIs from multiple sources for a better user experience

Your host-based applications run some of the most critical transactions in your company, but the needs of your customers, partners, and business users are different today than when they were written. Salespeople waste precious time if they have to navigate multiple systems to perform simple tasks like entering orders, and customer service suffers if something as simple as an address change requires redundant processes over multiple screens. Time is money, and productivity impediments like these can get expensive quickly.

Rocket API enables you to improve business productivity by easily creating APIs from functions in multiple back-end systems, data sources, or web services, then combining them into composite APIs that mirror even the most complex business workflows. Those composite APIs can be incorporated into new user experiences that present the necessary data and functionality in a single interface.

Now retailers, customer service reps, and anyone else accessing your critical systems can do their jobs more productively, saving them time and helping you make money.

Engage your audiences with new web and mobile applications

Your users—whether employees or end customers—expect to find answers, manage accounts, initiate transactions, and everything else they want from their browser or mobile device.

Rocket API lets you combine complex workflows from any green-screen host application using RPG, CL. or Cobol, web services, SQL and more, bundling them as custom APIs. You can then integrate the APIs with virtually any web or mobile application in a way that makes sense to users and aligns with how they work. The result? Customers and employees have the data and functionality they need when and where they need it, and you avoid the significant costs and risks of rebuilding your enterprise application portfolio.

Minimize the time, expense, and risk of API creation

Your stakeholders want modern functionality, but older, host-based applications weren’t built to meet today’s needs. These applications often have been in place for years or decades, and may have underlying code that isn’t properly documented or well understood by current development staff. Invasive changes can be risky, and additional time is often needed to prepare, develop, and test to minimize any downstream problems.

Rocket API’s unique approach enables developers to create APIs quickly. There’s no need to modify the underlying source code, and built-in intelligence ensures that codebase changes don’t break the connection between your APIs and the applications that call them. As a result, developers can modernize host-based applications without the time, expense, or risk normally associated with modernization efforts. Developers can even combine information from data sources, web services, and other applications to create composite workflows that meet even the most demanding of business needs.

Easily deploy, manage, and secure your APIsAPI Map

APIs administration is complex, with multiple moving parts, SLAs to worry about, and concerns about access. If anything goes wrong—poor performance, unauthorized access, or deployment errors—your application could be at risk for failure.

Rocket API helps you maximize the effectiveness of your APIs by providing the tools to deploy, manage, and secure them with ease. It provides a central location for you to ensure that your APIs are deployed correctly, secures APIs with role-based access down to the user level, and monitors usage levels for performance optimization and API monetization. You can even tier gateway access based on SLAs to ensure that your high-priority users always have the access they need.

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