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Deliver more applications with confidence

Customers and employees demand high-quality digital experiences. Meet their expectations by deploying applications in complex, multi-platform production environments — quickly, confidently, and securely. Rocket® Aldon® solutions automate everything from the moment a business request comes in until an application is delivered to production, with full audit tracking and compliance reporting.

Automate your IT and DevOps workflow

Software development changes continually, but deployment and delivery haven’t always kept up. Rocket® Aldon® solutions automate IT workflows for delivering and deploying software — from the Service Desk to production releases. IT can respond to changes quickly and in coordination with the business, while ensuring adherence to best practices for compliance purposes.
Our solutions were designed to give you a single point of control — a dashboard that provides insight into all activities backed by a database to view all your IT assets and monitor any changes to them. Think of the system as a virtual watchdog that can give you total control of your operations, automate workflows and provide a “one-stop shop” for user request tracking and seeing your IT assets.

Reduce software errors and avoid production outages

Managing versions of code is only one part of building software. Lifecycle Manager offers release management and deployment capabilities that help you ensure that the right components make it into the right locations at all stages of your development and deployment process, so that you can assure quality and avoid outages.
Our release management and deployment capabilities even fit into your DevOps processes without disrupting your team’s ability to use the version control and other tools they prefer. By freeing your developers from tedious manual processes, you can cut costs, ensure application integrity, increase efficiency, and speed up software delivery times. And by connecting and automating the entire process — build, promotion, and release — you can get reliable, dependable software into production at scale.

Solve deployment problems remotely

Let’s face it — DevOps is not a “nine to five” type of job.  Emergencies can and do happen at any time, and maintenance activity is normally performed when it will affect users the least.  With the Lifecycle Manager Ops Portal, you can track, manage, and adjust any part of the release process — anytime, anywhere. This gives your DevOps team more flexibility, helps you meet compliance requirements, and manage compliance reports on the go, ensuring key deadlines are met.
The web portal fully supports devices such as tablets and smartphones, with a responsive UI that adapts to fit the device it detects. You can set up the system so that any activity generates an email that links right back into the portal, helping you stay informed and resolve deployment problems quickly, wherever you are.


Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition): Deliver more IT projects, on time and with less risk
Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition): Deploy applications confidently into complex, multiplatform environments
Rocket Lifecycle Manager for Mobile: Extend the benefits of Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps to mobile development
Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (MultiValue Edition): Automated Application Lifecycle Management for Rocket® UniVerse®, UniData®, and D3® users
Rocket Aldon Community Manager: Deliver better applications and more-responsive service to business users
Rocket Aldon Harmonizer: Get critical software to market faster and easier

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