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Powertech is the leading source of automated security and compliance solutions for Linux, AIX, and IBM i. With Powertech, you can manage evolving data privacy threats while saving your valuable IT resources.

Compliance requirements for government regulations and industry standards grow more complicated every year, and sometimes the biggest challenge is proving you’re compliant.

But meeting SOX or PCI requirements is no guarantee your system is secure. Because threats to your data evolve faster than any security standard, compliance is only the beginning.

Our solutions are designed to help you simplify cybersecurity, so you can easily meet auditor demands and harden your system to protect your organization’s most valuable asset: your business-critical data.

Powertech combines world-class software and outstanding customer support with security expertise that’s second to none.

Whether your IT staff consists of security novices or seasoned professionals, we have the experience and resources to help you implement a multi-layered defense that protects your organizations without disrupting business activity.

Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication: Simple access authentication for servers inside and outside your firewall
Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i: Real-time IBM i security event monitoring
Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i: Privileged user management for system administrators
Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i: Intrusion Prevention and Detection Software
Powertech Command Security for IBM i: Complete control over IBM i commands for greater security
Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i: Improve productivity and enhance security
Powertech Compliance Monitor for IBM i: Consolidated compliance monitoring and reporting across Power servers
Powertech Security Auditor: Simplified security administration and compliance reporting
Powertech Policy Minder for IBM i: Automated security policy administration and compliance reporting
Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i: Centralized, automated administration of user profiles
Powertech Encryption for IBM i: Protect sensitive IBM i data with encryption, key management, and auditing
Powertech Risk Assessor for IBM i: Comprehensive security risk assessment for IBM i
Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i: Central, automated database security monitoring
Powertech RSA SecurID Agent for IBM i: Bring the capabilities of Powertech RSA SecurID Agent for IBM i to the IBM i platform
Powertech Event Manager: Real-time cybersecurity insight and response platform
Powertech Antivirus for IBM i: Protect your IT environment from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other complex malware with the only commercially available antivirus solution native to IBM Systems.
Powertech Antivirus: Protect your IT environment from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other complex malware with the only commercially available antivirus solution native to IBM Systems.

The Powertech Difference

Powertech is your security partner in managing evolving data privacy threats with automated solutions. Our solutions are designed to help you simplify security, so you can easily meet auditor demands and harden your system to protect your organization’s most valuable asset: your business-critical data.



Defense in depth guards against constantly evolving threats.



Add unparalleled Linux, AIX, and IBM i security expertise to your team.



Quick implementation and world-class support make security simpler than ever.

Powertech Cybersecurity Solutions by HelpSystems

Identity and Access Management

Secure your system by managing user privileges and access to sensitive data—without getting in the way of productivity. Security experts recommend following the rule of least privilege, which gives users access to only the data they have a demonstrable business purpose for accessing. Prove your systems are secure by maintaining a complete audit trail of powerful user activities. 

Virus Protection

No server is immune to viruses and malware. And in many cases, you won’t know if your system is infected unless you check it. The best way to prevent viruses and malware from spreading throughout your system and protect files with anti-virus software that runs natively on your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers. Effective malware protection can help you avoid downtime and meet compliance requirements.

Security and Integrity Monitoring

Monitor your system for unauthorized changes, so threats can be detected and removed before mission critical data is damaged or exposed. Security integrity monitoring typically involves getting visibility into who initiated a change, when the changed was made, and whether the change was authorized. If a breach occurs, the information provided by integrity monitoring allows you to accurately assess the scope of the breach.


Encrypt data at rest and in motion to ensure cyber attackers never gain access to your sensitive data or proprietary information. Data encryption is a critical layer of security that can greatly reduce the impact of a breach. For many organizations, file encryption isn’t just “nice to have”—it’s required by compliance mandates like PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Security Policy Management

Make your cybersecurity controls more efficient and effective by implementing security policies that outline how your organization protects sensitive data. The purpose of a security policy is to provide greater control and visibility into systems settings and user activity, but that goal can only be achieved if your policies are up to date and you have a way to identify policy exceptions.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Securing private information—while enabling authorized use for business purposes—is the goal of intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS). Tools that guard sensitive data and provide visibility into suspicious activity on your systems allow for an accelerated threat response. Maintain an audit trail to prove to auditors that your organization has systems in place to prevent and detect intrusions.

Vulnerability Assessment

Data protection starts with identifying and quantifying the security vulnerabilities on your system. Improving your security posture is simpler when vulnerabilities are prioritized and members of your organization are working toward a common goal. If your organization is required to comply with compliance mandates like HIPAA, SOX, or PCI DSS, a vulnerability assessment is more than a good first step—it’s a requirement.

IBM i Security

IBM i is one of the most securable operating systems around, but default settings and misconfigurations put many servers at risk. This fact is confirmed year and year by the annual State of IBM i Security Study. A partner who knows IBM i inside and out can help you leverage the operating system’s powerful security features—and the security pros at HelpSystems have real-world IBM i experience that’s second to none.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is a struggle for many organizations. The pace at which development teams spin up new cloud systems often makes it difficult to enforce best-practice security controls. And at some organizations, the cloud remains a dangerous security blind spot. Solutions that provide visibility and control across server on-premises and in the cloud give you the security and flexibility you need to today’s threat landscape.

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