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Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent monitoring solution for your IBM Power Systems (IBM i, AIX and Linux) and Windows. As a cloud-native and mobile solution, Mi8 delivers up-to-date system information wherever you are, however you need it and on the device you choose.

Monitoring is not just a technical exercise – monitoring has bottom line benefits for almost every company.

  • Business continuity which improves revenue and profits
  • Better end user satisfaction and experiences which delivers higher employee productivity
  • Right sized support and operational resourcing for the demands on your mission critical systems
  • Frees up time and capacity for continuous improvement by your IT specialists
  • Improves the information available for operational decisions
  • Creates faster responses from your IT specialists during incidents.

Monitor Mi8’s rapid configuration, low cost deployment and monthly payment terms deliver immediate and affordable visibility of your systems availability and performance.

The Technical Benefits of Monitor Mi8

Mi8 makes it easy to monitor IBM Power Systems (IBM i, AIX and Linux) and Windows applications and systems even when on the go. Its web-based interfaces mean access is securely available via a browser – from desktop, tablet or mobile phone. It even has its own specialist App for iPads, iPhones and the Apple Watch.

Automate your standard monitoring process with out-of-the-box monitoring rules and alerts for common tasks.

Only see those servers, resources, data, alerts and events relevant to your need. Cut through the clutter to focus on the critical events, while retaining access to all the detail you might need in the future.

Monitor your operating system, applications and into the performance of your computing resource.

Deploy Monitor Mi8 across IBM Power Systems (IBM i, AIX and Linux) and Windows, and have a single view of all your computing resources.

You no longer need specialist tools to manage across your different deployment architectures. Monitor Mi8 supports private, public and hybrid cloud models out-of-the box. Its agents natively support whatever your current architecture model is and will allow you, or your service provider, to monitor your workloads. Expect Mi8 to seamlessly evolve as your architecture changes.

Direct alerts and information to the right people when and where you require by utilizing the distribution and escalation capabilities.

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