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Maxava offers high availability and disaster recovery software products that utilize the full native functionality of the IBM i operating system. Maxava HA Suite provides real-time replication with unlimited concurrent apply processes and constant data checking to ensure your data is consistent across both your primary and backup servers. Maxava products come packaged with an easy to use Graphic User Interface (GUI), traditional Text User Interface and MaxView – our unique mobile monitoring system.

Our products are cost effective and scalable providing the highest levels of usability, performance and readiness. Whether you operate a Fortune 500 enterprise or a small business, Maxava has a solution that can be tailored for your needs and protect your critical data.


Maxava HA can replicate data and objects in real-time to any number of IBM i systems, regardless of location. Whether the backup server is in the same building, across town, interstate or in another country, Maxava HA can replicate the database to a remote location of choice, ensuring complete data security. server to server

Using the Maxava HA Cloud model, critical data and objects can be replicated transaction by transaction to a shared (virtualized) or private IBM i server in an offsite Datacenter at a secure remote location. server to cloud

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