IT Capacity Management

Make sure your IT department can provide the right resources at the right time. Learn how capacity management solutions enable IT to do capacity planning and manage system and server performance.


Save money by rightsizing your servers and systems to meet your current and future needs.


Mitigate risks by predicting problems and preventing them before they occur.


Increase flexibility by arming yourself with knowledge of your current capacity and performance.

Why Do Capacity Management?

Doing capacity management is more important today than ever before. And it’s the best way for IT departments to improve efficiency, mitigate risk, and increase flexibility.

Do More with Less

More is the mantra of every organization. Cross-functional teams want more technology. The business wants to sell more products and create more customers.

So, there’s a lot of pressure on IT to do more. But there’s often less expertise available to get it all done. With capacity management, IT departments can do more with less.

Improve Service Quality

Making sure service is 100 percent available is crucial to every company’s success today. That’s why most organizations have service level agreements (SLAs) that outline their requirements.

Avoiding downtime—and meeting SLAs—is an important goal. And with capacity management, it’s a whole lot easier to attain.


Discover and Reclaim Waste

It’s not always easy to find servers and systems that are underutilized. And that can lead to wasteful use of resources—and over-provisioning.

With capacity management, you can reclaim your underutilized resources—and use them for other workloads. Or, if you’re operating in the cloud, you can consolidate resources and make sure you’re only paying for the ones you need.

Make Just-in-Time Investments

Under-utilization can be just as dangerous as over-utilization. And the truth is, under-utilization is preventable most of the time.

If you have accurate capacity plans, you can predict exactly which resources you’ll need to support growth. And that means you can make sure all of your resources are properly utilized.


Migrate to New Platforms with Confidence

There’s always something new in IT—whether it’s adopting new software or migrating your workloads into the cloud. And no matter what’s new, the business expects you to be prepared to meet those needs.

With capacity management, you’ll have a firm handle on your performance and capacity. That means you’ll be able to migrate to new platforms and adopt new technology. Plus, you’ll be confident that your service won’t be disrupted.

Help the Business Act on Opportunities

Growth is the goal of any successful business today. And IT is expected to support the business in this initiative—whether it’s running a promotion, launching a new product, or assisting in acquiring and on-boarding a new company.

Capacity management helps IT move just as fast as the business does. And that means you can help the business grow.


How Capacity Management Solutions Work

IT capacity management solutions give you the tools you need to optimize your entire infrastructure—physical, virtual, cloud, and container.

Typically, capacity management solutions include capacity planning and performance management capabilities.

Capacity planning tools predict demand and capacity. This can be done through modeling using what-if analysis on a specific growth scenario or trend analysis on historical data.

Performance management tools monitor, analyze, and report on performance within the IT infrastructure.

These components work together to give your organization total capacity management. And that, in turn, helps your IT department stay ahead of the game.

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