Electronic Invoicing: Guide to High Supplier Adoption

How to guarantee high supplier adoption, in the shortest possible time frame.

There are some common e-invoicing questions:

  • EDI has been around since the 1970s, so why is paper still so prevalent in organisations today?
  • What are the barriers impacting the adoption and usage of e-invoicing?

This guide aims to answer these questions and describe how to overcome the barriers without disrupting the supply chain. The underlying message throughout is that e-invoicing needs to be as simple as possible for the supplier to use (and free), in order to ensure high adoption.

We talk about an invoicing approach which is already ubiquitous and second nature to every organisation – in fact it’s the second most popular way to invoice today after paper. Unfortunately, most organisations are not aware of the automation possibilities that present themselves by using the data that lies, literally in front of their eyes.


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