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Tips for Working from Home

The transition from office to home can be challenging, but JAV Technolgy is here to help guide and encourage you with an open line of communication, every step of the way.

Follow these 5 simple tips and you’ll be on your way to set up an awesome and productive workspace in no time!


Tip 1: Creative a Dedicated Work Area

Whether it’s a table or balcony, create a space to associate with work and disassociate from home

  • Add office elements to your space (ie. pen holder, calendar or notebook)
  • Sit near a window or get a plant and a good lamp. We’re more productive in bright and green environments.

Tip 2: Over-Communicate

  • List daily tasks each morning
  • Sync often & update progress (esp. if a task takes longer than expected)
  • Send end-of-day summaries
  • Ask again!
  • Create at least 2 channels of communication (email, video or conferencing) and ensure that you have the technology to support it (wifi and web camera)

Tip 3: Prevent Distractions

  • Is television a distraction? Work in another room. 
  • Are the kids distracting you? Get up earlier and work before they wake up.
  • Is the Internet distracting? Turn off the modem. 
  • It’s usually obvious what you should do, but you still shouldn’t overlook this piece of advice. 
  • Lastly, avoid taking a break from technology with technology!

Tip 4: Schedule Meaningful Breaks

  • Planned breaks increase focus & reduce anxiety
  • Step out for lunch, even if it’s to the room next door
  • Get physical: stand up, stretch and breathe in fresh air

Tip 5: Dress for Success

Get out of pajamas and wear work clothes (even if it’s your nice t-shirt and sneakers). This mentally prepares you to get into the work zone


By implementing these tips, you’re creating a positive & productive work environment that benefits you and your colleagues!

For businesses, learn how JAV Technology can automate and innovate your business today while working at home. For inquiries, email us at


How Coronavirus is impacting your Data Security

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to generate headlines around the world, it’s not just your health at risk, your private data is at risk too.

Fraud Attempts

Cybercriminals can take advantage with innocent online users because we all know that during this kind of health crisis, email is the main form of communication and with this, hackers and scammers are everywhere in the cyber world by online scams, phishing attack by using realistic-looking fake domains which can steal and access your personal information and can get your money.

Tips for Safer Data

  1. Think before you click. Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know, especially from any email you were not expecting.
  2. Never enter data that a website shouldn’t be asking for. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization will never ask you to enter your personal data to get updates about the pandemic.
  3. Turn on multi-factor authentication. Sure, it can be an inconvenience at times, but it could also act as a barrier for someone trying to hack into your accounts.

How Software Solutions Can Help

  1. Keep your email free from cybercriminals. Clearswift, a data loss prevention solution offers advanced threat protection. It delivers highly secure email without delay. This next-generation email security results in 99% spam detection and 0% false positives.
  2. Keep patient information Secure. The less time doctors and hospitals spend receiving and verifying personal data, the quicker patients can receive effective treatment and stop the spread of the virus. GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a great resource for the healthcare field to have in times of crisis such as this.

Remote Automation for Working from Home

With the increasingly high numbers of staff from organizations all over the world now working from home (whether temporarily or long-term). A licensed module of GoAnywhere, can allow administrators to remotely control automated file transfers and file processing from a central GoAnywhere server.

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Remote Working

In this difficult time, Self-isolation or the need to “Social Distancing” has been regulated to promote health and safety but it is no longer hidden that in this process, several businesses are also suffering – worst they are bound for massive losses. Although working home has been one way to keep a business running, some companies still struggle considering some tasks remain dependent on the physicality of working in an office – access to paper documents, use of onsite technology, and more. Hence, the digitisation of business practices has increased flexibility of team work and the best way to ensure business meets scalability and demands is by automating the critical process.

What is automating the critical process?

First, look at your internal processes and understand why things are done manually. This is often because of external factors, notably data not available in a form or quality that is consistent with the requirements for straight through processing (STP).

Just think of a sales order arriving by email. The customer service team have to open the email, save the attachment, scan the PDF, correct the OCR (scanned data) and finally upload the data into the fulfilment system. One person can process maybe 10 orders an hour – max! If staff are not available or not on-site, then there are no orders in your system, unhappy customers and loss of revenue. All you really need is the correct data in a machine-readable form without the reliance of scanning equipment, and you can go straight through to fulfillment. Your order is shipped in minutes, and not days.

Second is to use the right technology, designed to automate and deliver touch-free processing. I don’t mean systems designed to make a manual process more efficient, where you still need elusive staff to complete routine tasks. Systems that are designed to achieve guaranteed high levels of automation and accuracy are essential for the true, scalable, high-volume straight-through process. A system that can guarantee quality must be deterministic. That is, it must be clear how it works, why it works and (probably just as important) when it fails, why it has failed. If your business systems are non-deterministic, the output cannot be predicted and you don’t know how it works, then you can’t drive for full automation. Perhaps you already have an invoice scanning/OCR service – think how annoying it is when sometimes it gets the data correct, and other times it corrupts or misses information that appears clearly on the original document. The result is you need to check manually each document. It is only when the mechanisms of automation are transparent that you can achieve continuous improvement. A system that is best endeavors and (maybe) improves in an obscure way can never deliver the straight-through processes you should strive for.

So, business leaders think automation and think STP. Modernizing your business is not vanity, or even just a way of improving margins, it is a necessity to survival.

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